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Admin can create different types of groups i.e. a set of users and product Group can be used as a team selling tool, lead generation, product management and to assign records to team of users Admin can view the records of a particular group on consolidated basis

Customers are the most important part of every business Every time a lead or contact is converted to customer their name and contact details are added to list of customers User can review all customer data and edit customer information anytime

Cron jobs is used to automate repetitive tasksCron schedules a command or script on the server to run automatically at a specified time and date Step1 Login to cPanel Step2 Go to Cron Jobs Step3 Click on Add/Edit Step4 Add Cron Job Command Step5 Add Time Setting Step6 Save

File Manager

Step1 Go to admin – File Manager Step2 Add New – Add file details > and Upload Step3 Check file in admin – file manager Step4 Go to user control panel – File manager Step5 View list of files Step6 Click file – and view details

login cpanel

Step1 Login to cPanel Step2 Go to Email Step3 – Go to List of Email Accounts Step4 Create Email Account Step5 View Email Account Step6 Login Email Account

Web to Lead

Using Web to Lead web form, a company can gather information from website contact form, landing page etc and automatically generate leads Subsequently customer information is added in CRM Software and user can assign Leads from web form to sales staff

list of leads

Leads module in DigitalCRM helps you manage your leads Users can view list of Leads, manage Leads, qualify Leads and track conversions of a Lead to Customer

Assign Leads to Users

DigitalCRM makes it easy to organize, track and allocate leads to Users and Groups Lead assignment process can run on auto-pilot by using Round Robin and distribute leads to Users as per allocation by Admin

User Registration

The process of – New User Registration, is as follows: In order to access the CRM Software, a new user has to first register on the site, then validate email id and get approved by Admin. Then they can login and access the CRM Software Step1 Open user register page […]


Round Robin is a process or algorithm assigned to the CRM software so that leads are distributed evenly to agents. This ensures that every agent has equal opportunity to perform, as the leads are allocated on a rotating basis. The name of the algorithm – round robin, comes from the […]

video tutorial

Sales CRM Software Web to Lead Capture Form