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What is Contact Management Software?

Contact Management is a centralized repository of all of a company’s important data, client and prospect information.

Contact Management module captures all customer contact information from a company’s sales, marketing and support sections and keeps the information in a central repository.

Contact Management is an important module of CRM Software and it helps in streamlining daily business tasks while taking sales and marketing efforts to another level.

Benefits of Contact Management Software
There are several benefits of contact management software

  • It creates a centralized database of contacts, increases the efficiency and productivity of sales and marketing department
  • Increases the efficiency of Lead Management system
  • It improves customer relations by enabling a more personalized approach from all staff in contact with customers
  • Employees can look up customer information, manage email communications, and arrange appointments
  • Database can sort contacts as potential clients, customers, vendors, or business associates
  • Sales staff can tag contacts as prospects and clients
  • Online database instant access of information
  • Contact Management reduces the cost of acquiring new customers
  • Contact database benefits everybody in business or any department from sales right through to human resources
  • Newsletter or E-mail campaigns can be sent using the contact database Features of Contact Management Software

Below are the main features of a contact management software

  • Add. Edit, delete contacts
  • Search contacts based on various parameters
  • Import targeted list in database
  • Add contact details such as name, address, phone, and email address
  • Integrate with a CRM software system
  • Update the record with every contact information
  • Connect contacts product information with, quotes and proposals
  • Very easy and user-friendly to operate
  • Contacts can be segmented into various groups like leads, accounts, customers etc
  • View relationships with account management
  • Mange contacts in groups related to one customer
  • Integration with external API’s
  • It has the ability to schedule appointments with, and send emails to, the contact from within the system
  • Ability to change and manage lead statuses

Integration of Contact Management and CRM Software
Every CRM software is built on a contact management database. It helps make business process more efficient and provides sales and marketing reporting and analytical tools

Contact management module of CRM allows companies to effectively promote and market their products and services to prospects. It helps find customer data using an intelligent search contacts feature and manages communication history easily.

A CRM Software automates a company’s database management so that employees don't have to spend so much of the time keeping up with records and files.

Contact Management automates the process of storing contacts details and tracking their interactions with a business. The knowledge of customers is vital to succeed in today’s modern information driven business world. And hence it is very important for every company to have sturdy contact management software