Lead Generation Process

Lead Generation is the most important factor in the Sales and Marketing initiatives of any company. The entire process of lead generation should be clearly presented on a flow chart so that a company can then quantify the number and quality of leads on the basis of Lead source. Some of the major sources of … Read more

Add Facebook Lead Ads to CRM Software


Facebook Lead ads are used to run lead generation campaigns. A lead is a potential customer who has expressed interest in your product or service Facebook Lead ads let people show their interest in a product or service by filling a form in the ad with their details and allowing a business to follow up … Read more

Lead Assignment using Round Robin in CRM Software


Round Robin is a process or algorithm assigned to the CRM software so that leads are distributed evenly to agents. This ensures that every agent has equal opportunity to perform, as the leads are allocated on a rotating basis. The name of the algorithm – round robin, comes from the round robin principle – wherein … Read more

Integration of Facebook Ads with CRM

Facebook.com is the largest and most widely used social media website in the world. More than two billion people use Facebook every month. Facebook ads are now one of the most popular way to reach the exact target audience based on demographics,location and interests. Marketers can manage Facebook ads online using Facebook Ads Manager. They … Read more

Benefits of using DigitalCRM.com Lead Management Software

  DigitalCRM is an online software that provides set of tools and systems for proper management of a Lead from the first contact to the sale. Lead management is a module in DigitalCRM.com that manages contacts, who have shown some interest in a product or service but have not yet decided to make their purchase. … Read more

What is Lead Management?

Lead Management

  Leads are potential customers who have shown interest in a product or service but have not yet made a purchase Lead Management is the process of identifying, informing and communicating contacts about a company’s products and services and converting them into potential customers Using advanced sales tools and automation, potential customers receive information about … Read more

Using Twitter for Lead Generation

Twitter CRM

Twitter is among the most popular social networking sites today. It offers a micro-blogging service that lets its users send, receive and share messages upto140 Characters in Length via tweets. Several companies are now using Twitter as a lead generation tool, which offers anyone to search, and keep track of prospects. There are several third … Read more

Leads Management

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