CRM Software Company in India is a leading provider of CRM software in India. has assisted a number of Indian companies in providing custom CRM Solution
CRM refers to systems and software that an enterprise can use to manage and analyze interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. It improves business relationships with customers and prospects

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is a hub to many software companies. is a prominent CRM Software company based in India.

Using Indian companies can manage customer data, access business information; automate sales and marketing process and increase productivity has six main modules:
Contact Management – Contact Manager helps maintain contacts, leads, accounts, customers, phone numbers, e-mails etc in a centralized place

Lead Management– Capture more leads from various sources like website, form, CSV, mobile, contacts, email and easily categorize them as per lead status

Sales Force Automation– Automate entire sales flow in one platform and streamline lead-to-sale processes giving managers the ability to track sales performance

Sales Pipeline – Shows status of leads and their respective stage like Customer lost, Customer Won, Leads, Negotiation, Proposal, Prospects etc

CRM Dashboard– Provides an updated view of your entire sales funnel, reports, lead status, customers, sales, users on a interactive dashboard

Reports and Analytics – View customers, deals, leads, sales – day/week/month reports online and leverage it to improve your sales and marketing

Lead Management
Lead Management provides custom CRM software for Indian companies based on as per specific requirement.
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Lead Assignment using Round Robin in CRM Software


Round Robin is a process or algorithm assigned to the CRM software so that leads are distributed evenly to agents.
This ensures that every agent has equal opportunity to perform, as the leads are allocated on a rotating basis.
The name of the algorithm – round robin, comes from the round robin principle – wherein each person takes an equal share of something in turn.

The round robin rule will distribute and allocate the unassigned leads equally among agents as per the % set by admin, per agent.
For example, if a company has 20 agents and as an administrator, you want to assign all the new leads equally among them.
So when you receive 100 new leads, the software assigns 5 leads each to 20 agents.
Benefit of round robin is that it helps save valuable time by assigning leads automatically

In CRM Software, creating a Round Robin rule involves the following steps:

1. Go to – Admin – Extensions – Round Robin

2. View list of Unassigned Leads

Admin – Leads – Unassigned Leads

2. View List of agents

Admin – Users

3. Setting up Assignment Rules

Rule Criteria is %

4. Allocate Leads to agents

5. View List of Allocated Leads

Round Robin ensures that all leads will be assigned to agents without any manual intervention.
Based on the company’s lead distribution process leads are automatically assigned to the agents.
Pl. contact us, if you want to setup a round robin based lead distribution system in CRM Software.

Integration of Facebook Ads with CRM is the largest and most widely used social media website in the world. More than two billion people use Facebook every month.

Facebook ads are now one of the most popular way to reach the exact target audience based on demographics,location and interests.
Marketers can manage Facebook ads online using Facebook Ads Manager. They can create and run campaigns using simple self service tools and track their performance with easy to read reports.

Facebook ads provide the best conversion rates and return on investment and is today the most effective social advertising channel. To create Facebook ads, pl. check –

Using a company can import Leads from Facebook ads directy into the CRM Software

The process is:

1. Go to CRM admin panel
2. Go to extentions
3. Click on import CSV files
4. Click on add new to upload file
5. Upload CSV file
6. Click on Import to import leads
7. Go to admin – leads – facebook leads
8. Assign Lead to User/Agent

Using,Leads from Facebook can be added to CRM database
You can convert the Lead from the first contact to sale, using the below CRM modules:

View Leads
Lead Management database allow you to view list of leads, organize leads, view leads by company, accounts, city, date etc.

Sales funnel
View leads in a graphical interface. It displays the buying process that leads go through, in form of a funnel as per deal stage

Change lead status as per deal stage and set parameters like lost, Won, Negotiation, Proposal, Prospects – in a drag and drop or kanban format

Measuring results
Analyse various reports like – daily, monthly, weekly reports, the time it takes to convert a lead into a customer and the costs per potential customer etc

Using Facebook ads you can always get your message in front of the people who are most likely to buy your product or service.
Facebook ad campaign can help you get more leads and increase your company’s revenue

Using DigitalCRM as a lead management tool, companies can ensure that each Facebook lead has the potential to become a customer.
The objective of is to convert leads into customers, to close sales and help company to grow

If you would like assistance in installing a Facebook based Lead Management Software please contact us –

CRM Software Company in Delhi is a leading provider of CRM software in Delhi NCR. has assisted a number of companies in and around Delhi NCR, Gurgaon and Noida in providing custom CRM Software

CRM software refers to technologies that an enterprise can use to manage and analyze interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle with the goal of improving business relationships with customers
Delhi is the capital of India and hub to many software companies and is a prominent Delhi based CRM Software company.

Using Delhi based companies can manage customer data, access business information, automate sales and marketing process and increase productivity CRM Software has six main modules:

Contact Management – Contact Manager helps you to maintain your contacts, leads, accounts, customers, phone numbers, e-mails etc in a centralized place

Lead Management– Capture more leads from various sources like website, form, CSV, mobile, contacts, email and easily categorize them as per lead status

Sales Force Automation– Automate sales work flow in one platform and streamline lead-to-sale processes giving managers the ability to track sales team performance

Sales Pipeline – Online status of lead in progress and their respective stage like Customer lost, Customer Won, Leads, Negotiation, Proposal, Prospects

CRM Dashboard– Get an updated view of your entire sales funnel, reports, lead status, customers, sales, users on a interactive graphical dashboard

Reports and Analytics – View customers, deals, leads, sales – day/week/month reports online and leverage it to improve your sales and marketing activities also provides custom CRM software for Delhi based companies based on custom requirements. To request additional information on our Sales CRM software, please contact –

Location of

Big Data CRM

Big Data can be defined as the study of huge volume of complex data being generated. Big data CRM refers to the practice of integrating big data into a company’s CRM processes. Big Data analysis is now an integral part of CRM Software

Big Data can be used to capture, store, manage, process, or analyze market generated information .The goal of Big Data CRM is to analyze and predict customer behavior, improve customer service

Huge amount of data is being generated from various sources such as mobile apps, server logs, geo location, retail stores, financial, Retail, Manufacturing records, social media platforms and other Data points

There are 5 Billion mobile phones in use in 2019, around 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook and other social sites every month and there is over 40% growth in global data generated per year.

Organizations are increasingly having more data in their system today. As limitless data gets generated, it becomes vital for companies to use them effectively.

Benefits of Big Data CRM
Big Data can help augment CRM systems by integrating big data into a CRM solution, companies can predict customer behavior, improve customer service, and calculate ROI more accurately

Big data has the potential to change the way companies manage customer relationships by offering businesses powerful new tools, capable of identifying sales opportunities and analyzing customers’ responses to products, by combining internal data with data on social networks

Companies are using data collection and analysis to make better management decisions for forecasting future sales

Collecting and analyzing big data on their customers allows companies to increase
customer loyalty and improve business relationship

BigData helps to build a database of consumers interested in the product offered by your company thus increase their sales

A CRM can keep track of the data trail that customers leave on various online platforms and present the data in form of analytics

Big Data empowers businesses to predict how customers are going to respond in the future based on their past buying behavior

Using Big Data, customer trends can be mined and used to predict needs and therefore direct new product development
Big Data can show how product or brand is perceived by the customers online

Big Data can be used to identify their weaknesses and revise their marketing and sales strategies

Combination of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence businesses can revolutionize the way they market their products and serve their customers

Integrating Big Data allows your Sales Reps and Marketing executives to analyze all of the consumer touch points

Big data CRM’s goal is to combine internal CRM data with customer sentiment data that exists outside of the company’s existing system, such as on social

Combining big data with other CRM data can improve customer analysis and lead to predictive modeling and other practices

Companies using big data in conjunction with CRM aim to have systems that can process data in real time and therefore connect with customers faster

Big data provides businesses with Customer Segmentation, sales, marketing and customer service performance metrics

Using big data, businesses gain the ability to predict how customers will respond in the future

Big data could represent a significant step toward providing your organization with increased call center productivity,

Big Data Technology

Big Data analysis can be with by various data processing application software’s. Hadoop by Apache is leading Open source enterprise software for Big Data clustered scale out data processing analysis

Big Data can be used to improve decision making and integrating big data analysis, tools, and techniques into customer relationship management (CRM)

It can help organizations radically improve customer service and enhance the customer experience. Big Data is the key to the future of business in terms of Research, Productivity Growth, Innovation, and Marketing.
Use of big data analysis in CRM Software will bring about new waves of productivity and consumer satisfaction
Big Data will be the next disruptive technology and will transform the CRM sector

CRM Training and Certification

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is combination of a tools, software and strategy for managing a company's relationships with leads and customers

There is huge demand for candidates who are trained in the major CRM certification courses. All organizations prefer such applicants. There are several companies that provide CRM training and certifications

CRM Certified staff a key to success in the field of Customer Relationship Management sector. Some of the major CRM software companies who also provide quality training and certification are SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft.

SAP Certification
SAP is a German Software Company mainly into enterprise resource planning. The SAP CRM applications is an integrated on-premise customer relationship management software which targeted business software requirements for marketing, sales and service of midsize and large organizations in all industries and sectors.

Professionals with SAP certification are always in demand. The training is divided into specialization to provide deep knowledge of each module. Individuals can have personal growth assured and organizations can improve the productivity.

SAP Certification details:

Oracle Certification
Oracle Corporation is an American multinational software company headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. Oracle sells database software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products particularly its own brands of database management systems

Oracle CRM is divided into different product lines. Siebel 8.1.1 is the latest release of their on-premises solution.Oracle CRM On Demand Release 26 and Oracle Sales Cloud Release 10 are the latest releases of their SaaS solutions

Oracle is a major player in the database software field and is trusted by many organizations the world over. The CRM training program by Oracle requires the professionals to get thorough knowledge of the software and its training can be tailor made to suit the specific needs of concerned organization as well. The training is organized either in virtual classrooms or onsite with instructor led to provide proper knowledge and insight.

They ensure that the staff has in-depth knowledge even in real life like scenarios that may happen. The other benefit is that whenever there is any addition to the workforce the organization, if they have acquired the CRM from Oracle, can have training scheduled whenever needed without any extra cost.

Oracle Certification details:

SalesForce Certification, Inc. is an American cloud-based software company  headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Salesforce also sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics and 
application development.

Saleforce CRM is a preferred SAAS based CRM solution. They provide knowledge to implement the program. Training option varies and as per the need may be acquired. Self paced online courses, instructor led virtual or individual user

classroom can be chosen. Certification from the Salesforce is sure to give the is very important in the cloud CRM sector.

SalesForce Certification details:

Microsoft Certification
Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It develops, 
manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software like Windows operating system

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software application.

Getting trained by Microsoft will have positive impact in employees’ personal as well as organizational career. They provide certifications to people so that they can put forth their proficiency which can then benefit the whole enterprise. Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution helps organizations to manage customer service operation along with sales and marketing.

Microsoft Certification details:

Organizations can have huge benefits by employing CRM certificated people. As it gets personnel with knowledge of CRM and who can improve company productivity

SAP Training and Certification –
Oracle Training and Certification-
Microsoft Certifications- Certification –

Benefits of Hosted CRM

CRM Software helps a company manage contacts, leads, sales etc, tracks interaction with current and potential customers and builds better relationships with them.

CRM software which is hosted by an Application Service Provider or ASP is known as the hosted CRM, Cloud or SaaS based CRM. By this arrangement a company outsources its customer relationship management functions to another company.

Small and medium businesses are immensely benefitted by hosted CRM as they provide quality customer relationship management service at low cost

Some of the leading companies that provide hosted CRM are:

The benefits of hosted/SaaS/Cloud CRM are:

  • Initial cost of hosted CRM is very low. This is because it involves less investment in initial consulting, thus relying on the flexibility of the hosted application
  • It helps in marketing campaigns, lead information and sales information to a central location for the marketing and sales staff, thus making it more useful for smaller companies working on tight IT budgets.
  • It requires less time for implementation. This is because of the management and storage of the hosted programs and business information
    outside the business’s computer, thus making the program execution much faster than its traditional form. This delivers the hosted CRM software a faster time to market thus helping the business team to improve the customer services and increase their sales in a much faster way.
  • It requires less user maintenance. Unlike the traditional software, in hosted CRM the software is automatically updated through the host server. The process of updating is carried out with minimum interruptions to the services of the business.
  • Good Technical support. This allows the IT department to focus more on the functioning of the software programs and business’s own computers instead of the depending of the developing CRM software.
  • Operational efficiency. This is achieved by the automation of the time consuming repetitive tasks like sending of important emails to partners and customers, warning staffs of open customer issues, etc.
  • Security of data. Important data like sales reports, customer contact databases, etc stored in the host’s server, are available even after the crashing of the hard disk. It also protects the data from getting accessed by unauthorized hackers.
  • Due to the storage of important data in the host’s storage centers, there is availability of constant access to the information in databases.
  • Marketing automations are provided for and tasks like development of marketing campaigns for particular customers, building of lead and customer lists, measuring of results of the campaigns, etc is online
  • Apart from all these, hosted CRM also helps in enhancing offline communications, thus making the staff more productive both at office and home; even if they are not connected to the network
  • Payment of Hosted CRM is mostly on monthly basis and can be paid online by credit card
  • Most hosted CRM companies provide Free trial so the customer can use the software for some time and check its business related functions and compatibly with functional requirement

Using hosted CRM Software, companies can manage customer data, access business information, automate sales and marketing process and increase productivity.

The main advantage of using hosted CRM is that it is quite simple and inexpensive to setup, unlike packaged Software.

Sales CRM Software


Sales CRM is a term that refers to practice, strategy and technology that an enterprise can adopt to manage and analyze interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle with the goal of improving business relationships with customers

Using Sales CRM Software, companies can manage customer data, access business information, automate sales and marketing process and increase productivity

Main features of Sales CRM software are:

Contact Management
All Contacts are displayed in a single dashboard and the related data is displayed like name, email address, mobile number, city etc. Contact management in Sales CRM software enables you to have all the important data at your disposal, in a clear layout and connected to lead management

Lead Management
Keeping track of leads is very important. The leads are stored in a record along with all their data that is easily to retrieve, as well as have all their contact details available. With DigitalCRM software you may rest assured that your lead management will be productive as you will be able to access all your leads’ data based on time, location, lead status, deals etc. And convert leads to customers easily. You will also be able to view lead Analytics and reports.

Sales Force Automation
Sales Force Automation forms an integral part of CRM software. Sales people and their data are managed here, along with various modules like email auto responders and newsletters. In fact the sales data will be tracked along with sales funnel. Besides the basic leads of sales people you will also be able to keep track of their orders, invoice, deals, leads and all sales related decisions
can be made easily.

Sales Pipeline
Sales Funnel is an important element in CRM software and is a visual representation of the customer’s journey that is displayed in a friendly GUI. In fact with DigitalCRM software you will be able to have all your sales

personnel’s records in one place, and there will be no need to sift through countless records in order to find data on their progress, or how close they are to making the quota. You will thus have a complete overview of each sales person’s account in one place along with lead stage.

CRM Dashboard
Get an updated view of your entire sales funnel, reports, lead status, customers, sales, users on an interactive graphical dashboard. The Sales dashboard can be used for the monitoring of business and sales opportunities and performance. A CRM dashboard provides real-time business event snapshots, which are used to measure and develop analytics for business reporting. The dashboard is where users will be directed to when first login into their CRM software.

Reports are very important for decision making process. Companies need to make various decisions and choices from time to time. provides insightful sales reports to track a company’s key performance indicators. Get deeper insights into your sales pipeline and quickly view trends on leads, campaigns, orders, forecasting and territory in an easy to understand

DigitalCRM software offers complete sales information through reports and analytics. In this way you will be able to get statistics, technical analysis, and a more detailed overview of various modules, including accounts, leads, customers, and sales. is the best online Sales CRM Software

Using Sales CRM Software, companies can manage customer data, access business information, automate sales and marketing process and increase business productivity.

Twitter CRM

Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool


Twitter is a micro-blogging site where you can share your text, videos, photos, status and links online. Twitter allows 140 characters for each post, known as a tweet.

Twitter works as a real-time social media platform for users to update their followers with information and messages that are broadcast to a group of users who have chosen to stay updated to your messages.

Using Twitter for Marketing:

Twitter works for marketers for several reasons:

Members only type a restricted number of characters making it a much focused company information blog.

Companies can use Posts for Promoting new products or advertising, or event, or sale/ discount/ prizes/ gifts, or benefits of product/ event/ service/ organizational policy, etc.

Companies can use Mention to highlight within the Sales Team possible options for Lead Generation, and Trends to create advertisement, and so on.

Most of the information exchange is live so companies can immediately resolve customer issues or complaints

Twitter can be used along with multiple accounts using tool called Tweetdeck. This can be done either by using the integrated Dashboard for multiple accounts’ Trending, mentions for all Users, and Web/ Twitter Trending.

It has a big database of 300 million users and is seeing traffic growth every year.

Communicating in short texts can actually foster real relationships because you have to focus on your word choice – with only 140 characters, you take the time to make sure every word counts.

Twitter can also be used with mobile. This makes it more appealing and personalized, and can have genuine and more market penetration. Retailing, Service, Customer Support, and Media are major industries where Twitter marketing is used at the best.

info about followers, Likes, Comments, Trends (Geographical/ Web/ Twitter/ HashTags/ Topic Trends)

The analytics report is simple and smartly built which makes it easy to present it to your requirement for detailed analysis.

Using basic Twitter Data many tools can be developed such as for CRM, User Trend Analysis, Lead Generation, Mentions, Twitter posts integration, and Web Analysis tools with simplicity) of Twitter along with Multiple User Representation and Analysis etc

Twitter Analytics can be used for high-end Business or Marketing Analysis. This can be made use for Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, or reduce customer disloyalty, or organization employee outflow, or product related issues on Twitter or Web.

Each Twitter data or feature has a different use, and they can be identified as to how to implement specific need in Marketing or can be tweaked accordingly.

Twitter is a great marketing tool because you can find a targeted audience for your product or service.



Using Twitter for Lead Generation


Twitter is among the most popular social networking sites today. It offers a micro-blogging service that lets its users send, receive and share messages upto140 Characters in Length via tweets.

Several companies are now using Twitter as a lead generation tool, which offers anyone to search, and keep track of prospects.

There are several third party tools which can screen tweets and twitter accounts to get better quality leads. Twitter tools include CRM Twitter Analysis, Web Analysis, and Search Location, #HashTag / Username, Twitter Trends and Lead Generation; which assists in searching for prospects.

Using Twitter for Lead Generation

Some of the ways to generate leads from Twitter:

  • Twitter Advanced Search:
    Carry out searches for name, or business’s name, brands, competition and other tags. The advanced search function lets you run a search for your keywords by geographical location, which helps you keep track of what is being talked about generally and your organization. You can also use Twitter’s “search operators” to find a prospective lead.
  • Being responsive and Distributing Content through Twitter:
    Twitter is full of people who post questions, opinions, requirements and just about anything and it is up to the marketer to utilize these tweets. Keeping your customers engaged or getting involved in customer engagement does allow for good lead generation. This also includes getting customers involved with your own Tweets and creating a response from the customer.
  • Involvement of whole network apart from Leads:
    Apart from responsiveness and conversation engagement, you can build a community around you that could yield business partners for different aspects of your business that helps you in better Customer Relationship Management, either by using blogs, content, webinars, eBooks, etc.
  • RSS feeds:
    With RSS feeds that you subscribe to helps in identifying what conversation or trend is worthwhile for you to get involved with. You can use the RSS function to republish the results from your search either by searching and publishing, or using #hashtag and publishing the RSS.

Some few more suggestions for increasing Lead generation through include:

  • Take time to fill out complete profile
  • Tell people why they should follow your company
  • Start conversation to build a trend and reach to customers
  • Share interesting links to increase reach. Links get re-tweeted
  • Focus on the audience or the customer than talking about your-self
  • Tweet between longer frequency and tweet slower and keep the length to 25 % of the tweet.
  • Experiment with length of Tweets and at different Time Zones of the day
  • Headlines or Titles are important part just like Tweet bodies

Whether B2B or B2C Sales Lead Generation, Twitter can be used for lead generation online.




The End User License Agreement for – CRM Software

This End User License Agreement (Agreement) is a legal agreement between the Customer and for the use of CRM Software

This Agreement is offered to the Customer conditioned on Customer’s acceptance of the Agreement without modification of terms, conditions, and notices

contained herein. The Customer’s use of the CRM Software constitutes their agreement to all such terms, conditions and notices

The CRM Software is not public domain, and is protected by the copyright laws of the US and reciprocal laws of the international community

The CRM Software is Open Source and the Customer has the right to transfer the Software license to a third party while selling the company.

The Customer has the right to modify, translate, convert to another programming language or disassemble the Software upon the purchase

The Company’s responsibility for stability and integrity of the Software and/or its operation extends only to unaltered Software code, and/or modifications performed by the Company at its own discretion or the Customer’s request.

Customer is advised to take regular backups on their own server.
Company is not responsible for any loss of data, hacking or online theft

Each single purchased license of the Software grants the Customer the right to use the Software for one single website/domain

The Client is not entitled to any refunds after software has been uploaded on server/webhost

All content of this Agreement is subject to change without notice, but the Company has no responsibility to update any information on the Company website

The Company reserves the right to change or modify this Agreement at any time, with changes effective immediately upon notice thereof, which may be given by any means including, but not limited to posting new Agreement on the Company website.

This agreement and any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to it or its formation, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of The United Stated of America.

The parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the USA to hear and determine any suit, action or proceedings or settle any disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement and to enforce any judgment against their respective assets.


How to Choose Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software


By Kaya Ismail – Founder of Wordify, a content marketing agency for software vendors

If you’re looking for a Customer Relationship Management system, you aren’t alone. In fact, the demand for CRM technologies is fueling growth in the CRM industry worth over $40 billion in 2018 alone, according to Gartner.

But with all those shiny CRMs out there adorning the market, what’s the best strategy for your brand when it comes to choosing a CRM? To help you formulate that strategy, we’ve asked industry experts for their advice.No One-Size-Fits-All CRM

If you’re asking around about what the “best CRM” solution is, you’re asking the wrong question, according to JP Lessard, President, Business Software Solutions at Miles Technologies. “CRM solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all, and the features you should insist on will vary from industry to industry, organization to organization. Before you start shopping for or building a new solution, you should conduct an analysis to determine which features map best to the vision you have for running your business,” said Lessard.

Read Full Article:



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